What we’re fighting for

We are fighting to lift up our families and communities, drive our fights for racial and economic justice, and right wrongs we find in our workplaces, in our broader communities, and in our countries.

Dignity at work. No matter our race, education, or zip code, we all deserve respect and fair treatment in the workplace. We deserve a living wage, access to quality healthcare, paid sick leave, and so much more. That’s why we fight for all workers to have the right to form or join a union. Because we know we’re stronger together.

Maintaining Union Strength. From the very beginning, SEIU members and supporters have worked hard to inspire positive change across communities. We must continue to challenge corporate power and create conditions for political administrations to respect us, protect us, and pay us.

Fair Representation in Democracy. Every one of us deserves to have our voice heard, at the bargaining table and at the ballot box. But many of the same legislators that try to keep us down at work are trying to take away our freedom to vote. They know that if we vote, they lose. That’s why SEIU members are taking a stand on the front lines of the fight for voting rights.

What We Want

  • Make it easier for all working people to form unions and raise wages
  • Ensure that our nation treats immigrant families fairly, humanely, and in a manner that allows them to thrive, which benefits us all
  • Address racial inequality in our society head-on, including full voter access for all, so every American of every color and background can realize their hopes and dreams
  • Combat climate change in a way that protects our planet and raises standards for working people
  • Make quality, affordable healthcare accessible to all
  • Ensure that everyone can retire with dignity

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As a member, you have access to our SEIU Politics Learning Center. Sign in to view our leadership training modules and join the fight!


Take Action

Union members know: we are stronger together. It’s going to take ALL of us to elect the kind of leaders who understand our needs and will join us in the fight to win justice. Get involved by taking action.


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Our voice is our power, and we deserve to be heard - at the bargaining table and at the ballot box. Learn about elections here.


Get to Know Our Members

SEIU is proud to both endorse and support current and past members in their run for political office. We welcome the next generation of worker leaders united to rewrite the rules at every level of government.